Frequently asked questions

Using Planet Peanut

When you embark on your math journey within the app, simply hit “play” and find yourself on the journey map. At the top, you’ll spot a dropdown labeled “Level:” followed by your current level, such as Novice.

Here, you have the flexibility to choose between four levels: Rookie, Apprentice, Novice, and Intermediate. Each level offers varying degrees of difficulty, from Level 1 being the easiest to Level 4 posing the toughest challenges.

Moreover, each level delves into different math subjects like fractions, percentages, and more. Feel free to switch between levels as you progress through your mathematical adventure!

Your streak, indicated by the flame icon, signifies the number of consecutive days you’ve completed a lesson in the app.

This streak isn’t just a visual flair; it’s designed to motivate you and instill a daily habit of learning math. By maintaining your streak, you gradually enhance your math skills, paving your way to stardom in the mathematical realm!

Scoreboards present an exciting opportunity to engage in friendly competition with fellow learners on a weekly basis. Each completed lesson earns you points, contributing to your total score for the week. Witness your progress as you climb the scoreboard, fueled by the thrill of competition!

Moreover, national competitions offer a broader arena for showcasing your math prowess. These competitions occur periodically throughout the school year on a nationwide scale. Participating alongside your classmates, you compete as a unified team.

Keep an eye out for upcoming competitions by accessing the Competition icon in the app’s main menu. With events typically spanning around 10 days, these competitions promise an exhilarating challenge and the chance for your class to shine on a grand stage!

Enrolling in your class is a breeze. Navigate to your account settings from the main menu within the app, then select “change class.” From there, simply choose your country, school, grade level, and class letter. Voila! You’re now officially enrolled in your class, and any points you earn contribute to your class’s collective total.

To enroll in a competition, head to your account settings from the main menu, and click on “enroll” under the competition section. Follow the prompts to select your country, school, grade level, and class letter. Once completed, you’re all set to compete alongside your classmates. Remember, every point you earn benefits your class’s standing in the competition, so get ready to rally together and strive for victory!

Account management

Regrettably, as we don’t require an email or user sign-up upon initially using the app, accessing your account on another device isn’t feasible. Your account data, including points and collected items, is stored locally on your device. Thus, if you uninstall the app or switch devices, you’ll need to begin anew with a fresh account.

Changing your school or grade is a simple process. Navigate to the “Account” section in the menu, then scroll down to “Change Class.” Here, you can select your country, followed by your school, grade, and grade letter. Once you’ve made your choices, hit “Join,” and congratulations! You’ve successfully updated your school or grade information.

Adjusting the language settings is a breeze. Head to the “Account” section in the menu, then scroll down to “Choose Language.” From there, simply select the flag symbolizing your desired language, and presto! Your app will now display in the chosen language, making your learning experience more accessible and enjoyable.

Deleting your account is a straightforward process. Begin by navigating to the “Account” section in the menu. Scroll all the way down until you find the option labeled “Delete Account.” Upon selecting this option, you’ll be prompted to confirm your decision. If you’re certain about deleting your account, proceed by confirming your selection. Once confirmed, your account will be permanently deleted, and any associated data will be removed from our system. If you have any questions or require assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team for guidance. We’re here to ensure a smooth experience throughout the account deletion process.