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Planet Peanut is a game-based learning platform that makes math learning easy through fun team competitions

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Teamwork is key to building strong relationships and developing social skills in children. These skills are essential not only for their academic success, but also for their personal and social development. 

With Planet Peanut, you can transform math learning into a team sport in your classroom and create a sense of team spirit and peer-to-peer learning that builds student confidence in math.

Healthy competition

Healthy competition inspires children to do their best – and delivers the extra effort required. When students compete as a team, they become more curious, explore on their own, and learn to work with others.

Through our platform, children discover the joy of achieving a common goal and learn the value of persistence and cooperation.

Create Motivation To Learn Mathematics With Gamification

With Planet Peanut, you can turn math learning into a fun and engaging experience through gamification.

By turning your lessons into interactive experiences, you can motivate students in a completely new way and ensure that they participate actively in the lessons.

We integrate challenges, rewards and competition that support your existing teaching content through different question types and challenges to strengthen student focus and enthusiasm for learning.

Hear what our users are saying

“Everyone was talking about it. It was like the big point of the day that we had to play it together"
Student at Forældreskolen
“The students became very busy winning points for the class. Everyone felt that they contributed to the community and no one felt better than others"
Math teacher at Kirkebakkeskolen
“I think I've gotten better at math. Also because you could choose the theme you wanted to practice"
Student Forældreskolen